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You're smart - you're a Kombucha drinker! Notwithstanding this, we all have questions. There are no silly questions here. Below are some of the more common queries that TONICKA-lovers have.

What makes up a full SUBSCRIPTION?

Just select 6 or more bottles of Kombucha and add them to your cart. That constitutes a full subscription. If you select 5 or less, unfortunately, we will have to charge you a shipping rate - our freight costs add up, however with a full subscription we do our best to subsidize them for you.


How does SHIPPING work?

Once you've selected your full subscription, and entered your address, you will see your shipping rate. 

  • Metro NSW, ACT, QLD & VIC will have FREE shipping
  • + Order at minimum 6x750ml bottles

(Rates are higher if you don't select a full subscription). 

How do I enter a DISCOUNT code?

You got a discount code? How did that happen? We're already discounted our prices! OK... if you really must, simply enter it at the checkout page. On the right-hand-side, just below your products, and above the total price, you will see a field for you to type it in and hit OK to apply.

How do I change my subscription membership?

You will have received an email from us upon your initial purchase. This email will have a link to your customer portal, allowing you to amend your subscription as you wish. We know sometimes customers like to change up the flavours, or even add more! If you have any problems with this process, simply get in touch with us.

When should I expect my delivery to arrive?

We pack and dispatch all deliveries from our Marrickville brewery on the 15th of every month, and it leaves here the next business day. 

As such, estimated delivery days would be:

  • Metro NSW next day
  • Metro VIC, ACT, QLD 2-5 days (We know what couriers can be like)

Do I need to keep my Kombucha Bottles on the fridge?

You do not need to keep TONICKA refrigerated - only keep refrigerated after opening the bottle, you can store them where you like until then for 6+months. When you do open your bottle it is best to be consumed within 7 days.

How do I find out more about TONICKA?

Head to our main website: https//

Any other questions?