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However, early is good.

We are officially launching our brand-spanking-new Kombucha Subscriptions service at 3:33pm on 20 August... and much like an early adopter queueing down the street and around the block with a sleeping bag, you're one of the first here.

The great news is, being early has its rewards

Simply enter your email address below and you will be rewarded with a heads up on a very special offer at launch. You don't want to miss out on an offer this tasty.

Oh, and aren't you happy that you don't really have to rough it in a sleeping bag this time of year?  


You might be wondering - why 3:33pm? It's simple really.
The 333 bus takes you to Bondi - and that's where we first started serving up our delicious brews to thirsty customers at the Bondi Markets.
Secondly, 3:33pm is that time of the afternoon where you're really seeking a delicious, yet healthy pick-me-up. Are we wrong? Nope. Don't forget to enter your email address above to be first in the queue.